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Best Food Truck In LA

Why Not Hire A Food Truck For Your Next TV Shoot?

The reason that The Hungry Nomad is considered the best food truck in LA is because they serve their customers the freshest ingredients and have a huge menu of great Armenian favorites, like Nomad chicken sandwich, zesty chicken wrap, Nomad steak sandwich, hummus, grilled chicken salad, blue cheese steak sandwich, beef pocket, Armenian potato salad, fattoush salad, chicken pesto sandwich, fries, spinach salad, za’atar chips, and za’atar wrap.  With this huge menu, everyone can find their favorites, which is why they are started to cater things like TV shoots.

Since The Hungry Nomad is part of the Los Angeles catering market, they are starting to cater things like TV shoots.  Los Angeles is the hub of the film industry and most movie, and TV sets are now hiring caterers to feed their cast and crew.  And they are turning more toward food trucks because they can feed their cast and crew wherever they have a free minute.  And all of the food is made fresh and hot.  And this kind of catering is more affordable so they can use that extra money for the movie’s budget.

Food truck catering on these kinds of sets is ideal and if you ask anyone that has used The Hungry Nomad in the past will tell you that they are worth every penny.  They will give you all of the fresh food you want made to order when you want it. And since their food trucks are parked on the outside, it will free up room in their set, which is nice if the movie requires a lot of filming space.  You can’t go wrong with hiring The Hungry Nomad for your next TV shoot and all of the people on the set will be well feed and pleased with your choice in catering.  Don’t settle for catered food that is premade and brought to the set, where it is left in heating trays.  Go with the food truck, which makes their food in the truck with all of the ingredients and cooked right in front of you for fresh and unique dishes you will love.