Who Serves The Food As The Wedding Winds Down? Your Favorite Neighborhood Food Truck

Food trucks are becoming a familiar sight at catered wedding receptions and rehearsal dinners. They’re in demand for feeding guests at bachelor parties and bridal showers. And now they’re making inroads into the post-wedding dining experience.

In the past, most newlyweds served a familiar menu, usually featuring a chicken or beef main dish. But today’s foodie couples are going for more creative food service, including “roaming meals” that allows wedding guests to stroll around, chat and nosh at the same time. This often involves rolling out a late-night buffet or hiring a food truck to drive up at the close of the celebration to serve something special, such as donuts with dipping sauces, sizzling sliders or gourmet ice cream.

Today couples also are interested in current food trends and incorporate them into their big day. Some want gluten-free or vegan meals, grass-fed meats or locavore dishes. And in every crowd there seems that there is someone who is allergic to peanuts, so that former favorite is often on the list of wedding menu no-nos.

“We get calls for all types of special food combinations,” said Michael Mikhail, who owns some of the highest rated food trucks in Southern California. “We take our wedding catering very seriously, realizing that our brides each want something fresh, unique, delicious and memorable. We work closely with them to ensure they get the special menu and service they’ve want.”

Among the best food trucks in Los Angeles are Mikhail’s Hang 10 Tacos, Greenz on Wheelz and The Hungry Nomad.

Hang 10 Tacos is a bright blue taco truck that caters weddings and bridal events throughout Southern California. Each bride is special, and the Hang 10 team works closely with her to create the menu she desires. Hang 10 Tacos – 855-5-Hang-10

Greenz on Wheelz produces the best sandwiches, wraps and the freshest salads on wheels. The Greenz team will prepare any menu your wedding or post-wedding dining experience demands. Greenz on Wheelz 855-6Greenz

The Hungry Nomad is a popular LA food truck that builds mouth-watering sandwiches and wraps. The staff regularly caters large and small events and will cheerfully customize a unique menu just for you. The Hungry Nomad 877-NOMAD-10

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