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What To Consider When Hiring An LA Food Truck For Your Wedding

With the rise of food trucks, the face of Los Angeles catering changed forever. These trucks aren’t just a source of a quick meal during your lunch break anymore. Today, they’re a fixture at all sorts of events – including weddings! If you’re thinking of booking a truck like the Hungry Nomad for your nuptials, here are a few things you have to consider.

The Menu

The first thing to think about is the kind of food you want. It has to be something you love, but you’ll need to have options for vegetarians and people with food allergies, especially if you’re relying on a food truck for the main meal. The Hungry Nomad serves Armenian cuisine with a wide range of meat and vegetable choices, so you’ll never go wrong with them.

Seating for Your Guests

You may want to rent tables so that your guests can sit down to eat once they have their food. However, it’s also fun to let people walk around and mingle during the meal. Choose the option that best fits the theme and tone of your wedding.

Service during the Meal

Despite being able to feed lots of people in a very short time, an LA food truck doesn’t come with a large wait staff. Consider hiring a few servers for the day of your wedding to take care of empty plates.They can also help ensure that the lines at the food truck don’t get too long by handing out menus or taking food to waiting for guests.

The Truck’s Timing

A food truck will be welcome at any point during a wedding reception, but you’ll have to decide exactly when food should be served. Trucks are usually there to supply the main course, but you may want to have light snacks during the cocktail hour or provide something more fortifying towards the end of the party.

To make sure that everything goes exactly right on your big day, you must communicate clearly with the vendors providing the food truck catering wedding. The Hungry Nomad offers their clients a free initial consultation, so you’ll be able to ask about all these concerns and more.