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Food Truck Catering

Treat The Office This Week With Help From The Hungry Nomad Food Truck Catering

If you dread holding team meetings and struggle catering for the, don’t give up—hire The Hungry Nomad to inject some fun into the office.

Food Truck Catering in Los Angeles

Since it was first introduced to LA many years ago, street food catering trucks has been multiplying all over the city. The Hungry Nomad food truck catering team love attending events across the city, from small work based events to grand openings of large businesses. If you are looking for a unique take on LA catering then look no further than our delicious array of freshly cooked food that we currently serve to food lovers across the city.

The Hungry Nomad food truck catering is very reasonably priced and it will certainly not break your whole incentive budget if you hire us for the day. We can serve up our top-selling dishes that are guaranteed to go down a treat or we can create a bespoke menu just for you.

Speedy Catering

If you are still in any doubt about hiring a food truck catering team then you may want to consider how efficient street food will be. When you have to hold a meeting when you are pushed for time, grabbing a few sandwiches from the cafeteria may feel like the only option, but with The Hungry Nomad food trucks you can have tasty hot food served up in a matter of minutes.

We always cook our food on site so that you can guarantee that it will be fresh and your team will see the difference in our food compared to standard meeting buffets. Not only will you be giving your employees a treat, you will be giving yourself a taste of hosting a stress free meeting full of happy staff members.

Work meetings no longer have to be boring as you can hire The Hungry Nomad food truck catering  to provide delicious street food.