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The Possibilities Are Endless With Food Trucks

In the production world it’s well known that often the simplest things matter most. The same goes in the culinary world. Simplicity and convenience are of the utmost importance and that is why food truck catering in Los Angeles has become such a smashing hit on the sets of movies, music videos, TV sets and even photo shoots. But wait there’s more! The magic of food trucks does not stop at simply catering and providing delicious eats for the hardworking actors, models and crew, they are a great way to multi-task and add a fantastic element to the set. That’s right, food trucks make for a great backdrop for photoshoots, fun settings for movies and even a great item to include in a music video. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to these convenient and delicious wonders on wheels that we call the Hungry Nomad Truck.

The service of catering has become a necessity in the fast paced entertainment world where it can take too long to leave set for lunch. Traffic sucks in LA and lunch time is a serious thing that the beautiful, hardworking people shouldn’t be skipping. Do your crew a solid and hire a food truck to fuel them up fully and quickly so they can get back to doing their jobs with less hassle and a happy tummy.

Being efficient and creative is also a huge part of working in this business so being sure to consider food trucks when you’re looking for a fantastic backdrop or extra in your project. They have an air of authenticity, fun and cool style and what’s even better is that they are on wheels and super easy to set up and tear down. They will be a big prop that is easy to move around and cater to the needs of your set and crew. It doesn’t get much better than that.

So what are you waiting for? Try something new with your awesome crew. Show them your appreciation for their hard work and set up a food truck for catering and heck, have it stick around to star in your latest project.