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LA has a new favorite guest for their parties

If you’re wondering who this mysterious guest is that Los Angeles seems to be inviting to all their parties, there is no need to hold your breath – they are your favorite LA food truck. This means it’s a win-win all around. Not only do you get to enjoy the delicious dishes that some of […]

Why Food Trucks Are The New Revolution In Dining

If you’ve been noticing more people around you, and this is especially true if you live in LA – now refer to one of the many food trucks around the city as their favorite place to hang out; this is because food trucks are now initiating a new wave of revolution in dining. Gone are […]

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Have A Bite From The Food Truck

When you hear about the term food truck catering, Los Angeles, and California tops the list for being a revolutionary in this field. With an ever increasing population, the Taco truck catering in Los Angeles can perceive a higher sale in their business since the number of consumers will naturally be on the rise. The […]

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Planning On Hiring A Caterer? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

No, by this we don’t mean you should do all of the cooking yourself – that would be absolutely self-defeating! What we mean is there are some reasons to consider other viable options like hiring a food truck catering instead of going for the traditional caterer option. The cost If you’ve organized events before, you know […]

Why Los Angeles Is Home To The Food Truck Revolution

It has long been known that California and Los Angeles more specifically has been the home to the LA Food Truck revolution that is taking over the nation and is indeed encouraging the rest of the world to follow suit. The unique nature of Los Angeles’ cross-cultural offerings is probably what inspired those who have been […]

Why Has Food Catering Become A Trend In Los Angeles?

Everybody knows that the concept of Food Truck emerged from America, and the lead in this is shown by Los Angeles. If you stay in Los Angeles, then you must take a look at the food truck services booming everywhere. You will be amazed to see the types of dishes these food trucks cater. Forget […]

What To Consider When Hiring An LA Food Truck For Your Wedding

With the rise of food trucks, the face of Los Angeles catering changed forever. These trucks aren’t just a source of a quick meal during your lunch break anymore. Today, they’re a fixture at all sorts of events – including weddings! If you’re thinking of booking a truck like the Hungry Nomad for your nuptials, […]