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Wedding Catering

The Possibilities Are Endless With Food Trucks

In the production world it’s well known that often the simplest things matter most. The same goes in the culinary world. Simplicity and convenience are of the utmost importance and that is why food truck catering in Los Angeles has become such a smashing hit on the sets of movies, music videos, TV sets and […]

A Creative Catering Solution For Your Next Photo Or Film Shoot

If you are about to begin production on a photo shoot, or making a movie, television show, television commercial or a corporate video for your organisation, you will have many considerations.  From who to hire for crew members, to background set rental.  However, one of your most important considerations is catering.  Whatever the size of […]

How To Plan A Party With A Difference!

Party planning can be overwhelming.  There’s the invitations, the decorations, the cake, the music, the entertainment, the list goes on.  One of the most important aspects of planning a party is the food.  Finding the right caterer can be time-consuming and stressful.  For busy people who want the perfect party but feel overwhelmed by the […]

Food Truck Catering

No More Rubber Chicken, Please!

Whether you are planning a special event or preparing for your next production, food truck catering is one of the most important aspects of your overall preparations.  You want your guests or your colleagues to enjoy a selection of fresh, top quality food.  If you are able to find out ahead of time what some […]

Wedding Catering

Southern California Festivals For Parking Your Food Truck

Southern California is famous for fabulously pleasant weather and a tidal wave of outdoor entertainment options as opposed to dreary swamp cities like Houston where no one ever ventures outside. So be thankful residents of SoCal, you can attend festivals and actually enjoy them with the beautiful sunshine pouring down and mouthwatering eats at every […]

Hungry? Take A Bite From The Food Truck

Off late California and Los Angeles have seen a population explosion and a result of that the places have become a melting pot of different cultures, languages and not to mention, cuisine. To gratify the tastes of the cities’ millions of folks, an endeavor to revolutionize new foods is taking place. The Food Trucks have […]