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Southern California Festivals For Parking Your Food Truck

Southern California is famous for fabulously pleasant weather and a tidal wave of outdoor entertainment options as opposed to dreary swamp cities like Houston where no one ever ventures outside. So be thankful residents of SoCal, you can attend festivals and actually enjoy them with the beautiful sunshine pouring down and mouthwatering eats at every […]

Hungry? Take A Bite From The Food Truck

Off late California and Los Angeles have seen a population explosion and a result of that the places have become a melting pot of different cultures, languages and not to mention, cuisine. To gratify the tastes of the cities’ millions of folks, an endeavor to revolutionize new foods is taking place. The Food Trucks have […]

Event Catering

Food Truck Catering For Special Events

The Hungry Nomad is the best food truck in LA; they are more than just your neighborhood food truck because they also cater.  When you get food truck catering with The Hungry Nomad, you get high-quality fresh ingredients, and they offer some of the best Californian and Mediterranean favorites on their menu including Fatoush Salad, […]