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Rock Your Cocktail Party With A Rolling Food Truck

Cocktail parties are ideal for celebrating just about anything. And they’re the perfect way to reciprocate friends and hosts from you past. A cocktail party can be an easy and fun, especially when you include a gourmet food truck caterer on your guest list. Here’s how to do it:

Select the party date, time and location.  Most cocktail parties are held in the evening and run about three hours. Send email invitations and include the party’s start and end times. Be sure to tell guests the party attire. “Casual” is easy and “cocktail attire” is dressy.

 Craft the guest list.  Make up for all those BBQs and dinners your pals have cooked for you by putting them on your guest list. A slightly crowded party is always more interesting than having a few people sitting around the living room staring at each other. Always invite more people than you expect to attend, but be sure you can accommodate all the autos that will bring them there.

 Decide what drinks you’ll offer. It’s easy to serve wine and beer, but also set up a bar with bottles of liquor, glasses and ice (and keep plenty in the kitchen in order to replenish the ice bucket). Simplify your chores by creating a signature drink (Martini? Margarita?). Whip up a few pitchers ahead of time and just add ice.

Determine the party menu. No one can drink safely for two or three hours without eating food so have some finger foods on hand, including some protein. Select non-messy appetizers, such as mini-quiches or pizza bites, pre-made beef or chicken sandwiches, cheeses and nuts.

 Be a guest at your own party. Hire a gourmet food truck caterer to create upscale appetizers right there in your driveway. The caterer will also take care of the beverages and even hire a bartender or server, if necessary.  A food truck caterer won’t mess up your kitchen, and thanks to professional refrigeration equipment, can easily keep your ice stored and replenished.

Three LA food trucks with cocktail party expertise are The Hungry Nomad (877-NOMAD-10), Greenz on Wheelz (855-6Greenz) or Hang 10 Tacos (855-5-Hang-10). Each member of the food truck crew is a veteran who knows all about food, drinks and parties. In addition, we will create any party menu you want. Call us to discuss your cocktail party plans. We’re ready to help make you a most popular host.

For the perfect cocktail party, be sure that any guest who celebrates too much gets home in taxi or hitches a ride with a sober friend.