Food Trucks Are Ready For Their Close Up

Some of the most important people on any movie, video or production set are the people who provide and serve food to the hard-working crew. Due to union regulations, hot food must be provided at certain intervals every day, so the timing and experience of the food provider is critical. Southern California is fortunate to have […]

Let A Food Truck Launch Your Product At Lunch

Got a great new beverage or hot new food product that you want consumers to know about? Take your message to the streets by renting a food truck. Top-quality food trucks have the necessary equipment to prepare, store and serve your product, and because they are mobile, they can reach your target market in almost […]

Food Trucks: A Big Change From The Chains

Food trucks are no crazy fad or fly-by-night trend. These novel restaurants-on-wheels are growing in popularity, and the reasons are obvious. Their food is superior to eats from fast-food places and often superior to chain restaurants, and they have hit a cultural nerve in the neighborhoods where they operate. Many people live or work in […]

Food Truck Fridays At Colorado Wine Company

Friday nights are Food Truck days at the Colorado Wine Company, which recently moved about a block or so west of their previous location just east of the Colorado Boulevard and Eagle Rock Boulevard crossing. The Wine Company is now at 2305 Colorado Blvd., right next to Planet Tobacco. The light and ambiance is what […]

8 Great Reasons To Love Food Trucks

In recent years, Los Angeles and other U.S. cities have seen rapid growth in the food truck industry. Not only do these busy trucks serve workers on lunch breaks and urban dwellers in the evening, but they frequently cater parties, business events and even weddings. Here are some reasons that demanding diners love them. Top-quality […]

Best Food Trucks In LA

One of the fastest growing trends in the Los Angeles area is the food truck industry. Affectionately referred to as “foodie culture”, the number of people that now frequent a LA food truck for their everyday meals has increased drastically. This is partly due to the fact that these food trucks offer a greater variety […]

Catering Food Truck Rentals In LA

Food trucks are the latest and greatest when it comes to the foodie scene. In fact, they are seen all over the Los Angeles area. However, food trucks are not just for your daily lunch or dinner anymore. Many businesses in LA are opting to use catering truck rentals for their event needs. It is […]

Five Things Food Trucks Can Do that Restaurants Can’t

They’re everywhere: busy urban street corners, rock festivals, sporting events, conventions and fairs. Food trucks are the latest and greatest way to enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner or a scrumptious snack. Southern California is home to hundreds of mobile bistros, and while you may not have considered this, they offer area food lovers a cornucopia of […]

Take Your Product To The Public In A Food Truck

When you have a new product or service to introduce, take your message directly to your target market. Rent a food truck to showcase your product and drive your brand name down the street. LA food trucks have everything required to prepare, store and distribute your product. As rolling restaurants, they can reach your target […]

Food Trucks Are Taking On Smaller Cities

For several years, food trucks have been big hits in major metropolitan areas, such as Los Angeles, New York City, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco. Now foodies in small towns are getting their due. Food trucks are showing up in the Central Texas cities of Pflugerville, Round Rock and Georgetown, all fairly close to food-truck-crazy […]