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Preparing For The Wedding? Call On A Gourmet Food Truck

When you think of wedding food, you typically think of a wedding cake, then a groom’s cake and then a wedding reception dinner. But no one thinks about what probably the most important food consumed on a wedding day: the food eaten prior to the wedding as the families and bridal party coif, decorate and get ready for the big event.

Proper nutrition before a big wedding is critical. It can keep family members, attendants and nervous brides energized and in a good mood. That’s why breakfast is vital. Everyone participating in the event should have a healthy breakfast that includes some protein, such as a breakfast meat or eggs.

As everyone dresses and gets prepared, be sure that a generous buffet of veggies, cheese and fruits is available, and encourage people to nibble. Meat-filled sandwiches, hot casseroles and/or salad topped with grilled chicken or shrimp will help steady the nerves and avoid low blood sugar.

Put healthy beverages and bottled water where everyone can enjoy them. You don’t want anyone to become dehydrated during wedding preparations. Most everyone loves champagne but save that indulgence for the reception toast. Instead, consume lots of water during the day.

Fried foods and high-salt snacks, such as nuts, could result in water retention, a problem that no one wants on a wedding day, especially anyone who is going to be photographed. And remember to stay away from anything that might stain your skin or clothing. This includes fruit juices, strawberries, chocolate and other assorted items.

You have so many things to think about before a wedding, don’t let pre-wedding food be one of them. Make food preparation easy by calling on a gourmet food truck to arrange for all your pre-wedding munchies and beverages. A food truck can bring its mobile kitchen directly to you and arrange for chairs, tables, flowers and servers, if needed. The food truck also can deliver platters of healthy food and come back later to collect the dishes.

Our most important celebrations in life include great food. Our fleet of gourmet food trucks – The Hungry Nomad (877-NOMAD-10), Hang 10 Tacos (855-5-Hang-10) and Greenz on Wheelz (855-6Greenz) – have catered bridal showers, wedding receptions, bachelor parties and family dinners. Each truck is staffed with experienced professionals who know how to help time-crunched brides manage their wedding food needs.

Call us for a complimentary consultation. We want your big day to be the best one ever.