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Food Truck Catering

The Popularity Of Food Truck Catering

Food truck catering in Los Angeles is nothing if not vibrant and innovative, which make it an ideal arena for food truck catering events. For many years now, LA has been leading the street food revolution and now it is heading up the trend for food truck catering.

Food Truck Catering is relaxed and friendly

In a city like LA, people always want to try new things and experience something that they have never done before, which makes hiring food truck catering for a wedding an exciting prospect for brides and grooms to be. Older guests will be especially impressed by eating from a food truck as they will have been to many traditional weddings over the years so will be glad to taste something different.

Hungry Nomad Food Truck Catering

In the buzzing world of Hollywood, people are always looking for the next best thing and a wedding is a way to tell the world who you are as a couple and what makes you tick—right down to the type of food you like to eat. The Hungry Nomad offers bespoke food truck catering services in which couples can design their own menu that will fit in with the rest of their wedding. We can work with most budgets and you will be glad to know that our food truck catering is very cost effective.

Some of the Hungry Nomad dishes include:

  • Pesto chicken
  • Hummus and pitta bread
  • Zaatar chips
  • Grilled chicken salad
  • Spinach and goats cheese salad
  • Avocado stack sandwich
  • Blue cheese steak sandwich

As you can see our dishes are healthy and varied so there is sure to be something on our for truck catering menu for everyone at your wedding or event. If we have tickled your taste buds then give us a call today and you can soon enjoy the best food truck catering in Los Angeles.