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Best Food Truck In LA

Planning On Hiring A Caterer? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

No, by this we don’t mean you should do all of the cooking yourself – that would be absolutely self-defeating! What we mean is there are some reasons to consider other viable options like hiring a food truck catering instead of going for the traditional caterer option.

The cost

If you’ve organized events before, you know exactly how expensive hiring a caterer can be. Whether or not you have a small event planned; hiring a caterer especially any good one that will take care of the presentation as well as organize tasty food – will almost certainly hover very close to exceeding your budget.

The hassle

Not only the cost, but the hassle of hiring a traditional caterer may get on your nerves when you have to look after all the other details of managing an event. It is a lot of work!

Let’s face it, they’re boring!

Everyone has been to tons of events that are catered to by traditional caterers. The food pretty much tastes the same, and there is nothing new or exciting about it.

So now that you have reasons to think about why you should give this a second thought, here’s an idea – why not hire an LA Food truck instead? A food truck pretty much negates all of the problems that caterers have. Food trucks such as the Hungry Nomad Truck are easily affordable and will fit your budget. Food Truck Catering requires no hassle from your side since they create an easy going atmosphere where people can simply line up and get their own food (no serving staff required). Finally, these food trucks are very far from boring. In fact, they are just the opposite. They are exciting and new and an experience that most of your guests have probably never had before.

So before you lose any more sleep over trying to find the right caterer who will fit your budget and will suit your event, you should try looking into hiring a food truck instead – you are guaranteed to find one which will suit all your event needs.