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Food Truck Catering

No More Rubber Chicken, Please!

Whether you are planning a special event or preparing for your next production, food truck catering is one of the most important aspects of your overall preparations.  You want your guests or your colleagues to enjoy a selection of fresh, top quality food.  If you are able to find out ahead of time what some of the food preferences are among your guests or colleagues, this will help enormously when choosing the menu.  It also helps to find out if your guests or colleagues have food allergies or dietary requirements.  Your guests or colleagues will be grateful that you made the effort to consider them.

You may have heard the term “rubber chicken circuit.”  This unflattering term is often used by people who attend numerous events either for business or fundraising.  The last thing you want your event planning to be remembered for is “rubber chicken!”  Often when using a traditional catering service, the food is prepared before it arrives at your event, and then reheated.  This means it may not be as fresh and tender as when it was first cooked.  A great catering option that ensures this doesn’t happen is to hire a food truck.  The Hungry Nomad is an LA food truck that has built a substantial following in the Los Angeles area.  It is well known for a wide selection of menu options, and fresh, healthy ingredients.The hospitable staff of The Hungry Nomad food truck will cook your food right there and then and serve it to you fresh from the truck.  You can be sure that the food is prepared and cooked in the most hygienic conditions by people who care about your health.

Why not try something a little different with your catering next time, and choose The Hungry Nomad food truck?  You will have fresh, healthy and delicious food, as well as friendly staff to serve it for you.  Not only that, the food truck will help to create a fun, relaxed atmosphere for your guests or colleagues.  Your event or production set will be remembered for fresh, tasty food, not “rubber chicken!”