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Food Truck Caterers

A Look At Food Truck Caterers And Their Menu

Why is Hungry Nomad the best food truck caterers in LA?

Well, the answer is clear and it is serves delicious and healthy menu with creativity and healthy ingredients and the Mediterranean seasoning adds to the taste of the dishes that sets it apart from other food truck caterers. Are you someone who loves Mediterranean dishes? Then wait no more and instead of calling other food truck caterers, dial up this food truck caterer. The amazing and variety of dishes served by it is different than other food truck caterers. No wonder it is one of the most successful food truck caterers in LA. Hungry nomad truck serves its delicious and healthy dishes for a variety of functions such as: Wedding functions, celebration, charity programs and fundraisers etc. Planning to throw a party for a get together with the friends? Call up Hungry Nomad truck to get the dishes and light up your party!

Which types of dishes are served by Hungry Nomad truck?

There are a great range of entrees that are served by the Hungry Nomad truck and unlike most of the food truck caterers, this is one of the food truck caterers that serves it dishes with the touch of the Mediterranean touch to them, which will definitely bring you back to them again and again and this is one reason that this food truck became of the best food truck caterer, beating other food truck caterers in the competition. Some of the dishes which are served by this food truck caterer are listed below:

  • Blue cheese steak sandwich: Are you someone who is an absolute cheese lover? Then this dish is a must! This dish is made up of sirloin steak, aioli and fried potato,blue and Muenster cheese, and it is served within a warm French roll.
  • Another Mediterranean style sandwich is Zesty chicken wrap. It consists of grilled chicken, green pepper, hummus,creamy sauce and lemon and olive oil dressing and lettuce and then it are wrapped in wheat tortilla.
  • Za’atar feta wrap: If you want to taste the goodness of the Mediterranean dish, then this dish is a must. This dish is made up of a unique and custom blend of Za’atar, which is the Mediterranean thyme, sesame seeds and a dash of oil which is thinly spread on top of the baked dough, with an addition of fresh mint, tomato and also with French feta cheese.