Lights, Action And Cue The Food Truck

For several years, food trucks have been big hits on street corners nationwide, and many gourmet trucks cater everything from fund-raising galas and society weddings to movie productions and video shoots. But in addition to serving delicious food, food trucks are moving in front of the TV and movie cameras to become a visible part of today’s entertainment industry.

As an important part of today’s urban landscape, food trucks are being included in movie scenes, TV shows, advertising and fashion shoots. When you need a food truck to help establish a contemporary scene, simply rent one from Mike Mikhail, owner of a fleet of LA food trucks. 

“We’ve rented out several food trucks for film and television productions,” said Mikhail. “Our trucks have been featured in major scenes and in the background of shows like Dexter. Because food trucks are new and trendy, they give a current feel to a movie or TV show scene.”

Free Samples is a new independent film filmed in Austin, Texas, and set at a food truck. The story spans a single day in the life of young woman, a law school dropout who spends her day passing out samples from a busy ice cream truck. Various ice cream truck customers pass through her life and impact her decisions about her future.

Jon Favreau, an actor and writer, recently filmed the movie Chef with a food truck at the heart of the story. In addition to Favreau, the film’s stars include Robert Downey Jr., John Leguizamo and Sofia Vergara. The plot focuses on an unemployed chef who is determined to become a major player in the food truck industry. 

When you need a food truck for your movie, advertising shoot or television show, call Mikhail. His three traditional food trucks are ready to roll. They include:

  1. The Hungry Nomad, which offers a generous selection of California favorites with a hint of American, Mediterranean and European influence. Rent The Hungry Nomad by calling 877-NOMAD-10.
  1. Greenz on Wheelz is a giant green truck that creates healthy sandwiches and salads for LA’s food truck fans. To reach Greenz on Wheelz, call 855-6Greenz.
  1. Hang 10 Tacos serves delectable tacos made from fresh fish, steak, shrimp, pork or BBQ. The blue Hang 10 Tacos truck serves diners on the street or can be a star in your next production. Call Hang 10 Tacos at 855-5-Hang-10.

When not acting in your next big movie, this food truck trio can star behind the scenes, nourishing your crew and meeting all union requirements. Feel free to customize our menus to your personal food preferences.