December 26 2015 0Comment

LA has a new favorite guest for their parties

If you’re wondering who this mysterious guest is that Los Angeles seems to be inviting to all their parties, there is no need to hold your breath – they are your favorite LA food truck. This means it’s a win-win all around. Not only do you get to enjoy the delicious dishes that some of these Food trucks in Los Angeles such as the Hungry Nomad Truck have to offer you on your lunch breaks, but you also get to experience them at your parties.

Having LA food trucks cater events is the new big trend in the LA events scene, and it has started off with great success. This change in the catering scene for events provides guests with a new experience while they enjoy the other features that the event has to offer. If you think about it, personally how bored are you by being served the same usual catered food at your starched-linen tables, or chasing after the server who has a plate held high up with bite-sized appetizers that just don’t cut it? Well, that is also exactly how the guests at your next event are going to feel when they spot the traditional caterers who you have invited for the event.

There is no reason why you have to disappoint your guests, not since there is Food Truck catering in Los Angeles. There are a wide variety of these LA food trucks to choose from, which means that you can literally have any cuisine you want to at your event. From Mediterranean to all desserts, Mexican, and Sushi – there is no end to the possibilities you can create for your dining guests. In fact, why not invite two of them?

You know why you can? Because they are going to cost you much less than the amount you thought you would spend on hiring a traditional caterer. You will literally be able to feed all your guests, and twice over for that amount and you will be offering them food that is innovative and different and an experience they had not expected to have.