Kosher Food Trucks Feed Foodies In LA

Southern California is the home to thousands of food trucks, and now more of them are offering kosher meals and snacks to Jewish and non-Jewish foodies.

Takosher is a Mexican–kosher food truck that dishes up generous servings that range from the latketaco to the brisket taco and even tofu fujitas. Takosher serves meat from Doheny Kosher Meats, a well-known kosher meat purveyor in LA, and the truck’s kosher certification comes from Rabbi Kelemer in Santa Monica. The truck’s food crew hopes to broaden the truck’s customer base by attracting non-kosher eaters too.

The Schnitzel Wagon has the official seal of approval from the Kehilla, a kosher approval consortium. The truck features a robust menu that includes crispy schnitzel sandwiches.

Mexikosher is another Mexican–kosher food truck rolling through the streets of Los Angeles. All dishes are made fresh using traditional cooking methods and unique ingredients. The menu lists nachos, salad, tacos, burritos and tacos. The truck’s chef is Katsuji Tanabe, who once worked at Shiloh’s, the kosher steakhouse.

We’re still looking for kugel on a mobile menu, but with the rapidly changing trends in food truck dining, it probably won’t be long.

Three other popular food trucks serving Los Angeles foodies are Hang 10 Tacos, Greenz on Wheelz and The Hungry Nomad.

Hang 10 Tacos is a big blue taco truck that travels the highways feeding the hungry and catering weddings, corporate events and charity galas throughout Southern California. Every catered event is unique, and the Hang 10 team works closely with each client to create the perfect menu.  Hang 10 Tacos – 855-5-Hang-10

Greenz on Wheelz produces the healthiest wraps and sandwiches and the freshest salads on wheels. The Greenz team will prepare any menu your catered party or wedding. Greenz on Wheelz 855-6Greenz

The Hungry Nomad is a popular LA food truck that creates delicious sandwiches and wraps for street diners and catered events. The staff regularly feeds attendees at large and small events and will cheerfully customize a unique menu just for you. The Hungry Nomad 877-NOMAD-10

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