It’s Easy To Plan And Execute A Business Luncheon

Planning an office luncheon or noon business meeting can be a challenge. A well-planned business lunch will make you and your company look great. And it’s easy to pull off with proper planning.

1. Select the Location

There is no rule that a business luncheon must be held at your company headquarters or in a nearby restaurant. Select a unique location, such as a public garden, city park, art gallery or museum.

Hire a local food truck to cater the lunch. A trendy gourmet food truck will work with your schedule and stay within your budget to prepare a menu that meets your needs. An experienced food truck will handle all the rentals, including tables, chairs, linens and china, if required.

Beautiful flowers can be purchased economically at a farmers market or grocery store and then arranged in clear glass vases. If you set flower arrangements in the middle of the luncheon tables, be sure the flowers are not so tall that diners can’t see over them.

2. Buffets and Box Lunches

A buffet luncheon is easier to coordinate and less expensive than having waiters deliver plated meals to individual guests. Choose foods that most people will eat, such as meats, sandwiches or tacos, and be sure to offer a vegetarian option. Avoid foods that are messy, could stain clothing or require diners to eat with their fingers. Avoid dishes that contain nuts. Place cards on the buffet table should identify each dish. Most gourmet food trucks can make all arrangements.

When the meal must be quick, serve box lunches that can be prepared by the food truck crew at the meeting site and served fresh. Box lunches can include items other than sandwiches, such as burritos, tacos, wraps and pitas.

If your business meeting continues past lunch, ensure that participants have access to snacks – both sweet and healthy – and beverages, such as bottled water and coffee.

3. Call Us

Our fleet of LA-based food trucks includes The Hungry Nomad (877-NOMAD-10), Hang 10 Tacos (855-5-Hang-10) and Greenz on Wheelz (855-6Greenz), and we cheerfully serve customers both on the street and at business luncheons.

The next time your business meeting requires a catered meal, give us a call. We will send you sandwiches and salads on wheels, create a sit-down dinner or lay out the finest buffet. We’re also available to serve your guests at weddings, holiday parties, Christmas lunches, family reunions, photo shoots, festivals or trade shows. We will help you create your ideal menu and meet your high standards.