April 10 2016 0Comment

It Takes A Lot of People To Do A Photo Shoot, Feed Them With A Food Truck.

It has been a long day on a photo shoot and all of the models, photographers, and crew are starving, do you order a pizza, take out, or just let me starve?  You wouldn’t have this problem if you just call The Hungry Nomad first, the best food truck in LA and hired them to cater your photo shoot with their food trucks.  Food trucks in Los Angeles are popular and not that companies like this offer catering, you can get great food delivered to you in their truck for half the cost of hiring a catering company and all of the food is made to order, so you don’t have to worry about the food getting cold when you are working.

Photo shoots use Los Angeles catering all the time but these kinds of companies cost double what you would pay if you just hired a food truck like The Hungry Nomad to cater and their food would all be premade.  With a food truck, you will get all of the food made right in front of you and you can order from their great menu of Armenian food.  And all of these recipes are family recipes that the family owned business is sharing with their customers. And they use all of the freshest ingredients to make their food for you.  And the great thing about a food truck is that you can order whatever for you want to be served for the photo shoot as well.  The possibilities are endless.

Food trucks in Los Angeles is a great staple and you can share the food truck experience with the people on your photo shoot.  Some might not have had food from a food truck before and after they try our food they will keep coming back for more.  We have been serving food to the masses for a long time and have restaurants as well, so you know that our food is great.  Don’t spend more than you have to for great food, when you can get great food and service with The Hungry Nomad food truck.  We deliver great food at a great price.