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Corporate Catering

If You’re Hesitating, Don’t. Cater Your Next Corporate Event With A Food Truck!

If we have not convinced you yet to give food trucks a shot at corporate catering, just take some time and browse through their online menus. You’ll be surprised at the interesting dishes they come up with. Or maybe not if you’re living in LA.The hungry nomad offersMediterranean-inspired dishes that do really well at corporate events because of the bold flavors and the fact that it is not your traditional catering kind of food. When most people will go for French or Italian style food, your event will stand out with the deliciously ethnic cuisine that melds together southern Californian preferences with their own families Mediterranean recipes. Try something like a fatoush salad or a blue cheese steak sandwich and you’ll find that your mouth is experiencing something totally different than if you had gone with any other catering option. It’s a great experience, we promise. Everything on the menu is made with fresh ingredients that are in season. With any food truck catering, you can rest assured that what ends up on your plate is a quality meal made with true chef’s passion cooked right into it, and the difference between that and your plate from a regular restaurant is sky high. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised by the reaction of your coworkers when they see their favorite truck arriving at the event. It’s going to be a memorable stamp on the event, and you’ll feel pretty proud of yourself when you see everyone smiling and having fun thanks to the wonderful food that you chose. It’s pretty much a guarantee that this won’t be another boring corporate event. Nope, this one is one for the books. Does it feel like we’re roping you into a world of hipsters and raves? Fear not, food trucks are for everyone. Why pass up fresh and diverse offerings for that traditional, dry pasta dish and the wilted iceberg lettuce that might have been sitting out for half an hour? Don’t miss out, jump in with the rest of Los Angeles and hire a food truck catering at your next corporate event.