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The Best Food Truck Near Me

Hungry Nomad The Street Food Equivalent Of A Michelin Star Restaurant

As New York’s Michelin-starred The NoMad heads to LA this year, there is sure to be a lot of excitement in the restaurant world. While the sound of dining out in a Michelin star restaurant sounds great, it is not affordable for all. Fear not as there is already a Nomad food truck in town, in the form of The Hungry Nomad

 A Family Business

 The Hungry Nomad food truck is a family run business that has lots of experience in the LA catering industry. We love to cater for all food lovers in LA, whether you are used to fine dining or you like to keep your eating style casual and friendly.

 Gourmet Street Food

 Nomad food truck serves up tasty treats and healthy options to satisfy all tastebuds. While our gourmet street food tastes top-class you do not have to fork out high prices. All of our dishes are cheap enough to allow you to eat out on a regular basis and you will have just as much fun as you will in a restaurants.

 Community Events

 Unlike heading to a fancy restaurant, heading to the Nomad food truck will be a full community affair, if you want it to be like that, of course. Getting out your food truck finder and searching for the latest Nomad food truck LA designation will soon see you eating with friends in no time.

 Come and taste dishes like pesto chicken, zaatar coated fries and hummus and pita and you will not be disappointed by the best travelling food truck in LA.

 If you are downtown and want to check out Nomad food truck, come along and say hello and we will serve you up food worthy of stars!