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Food Truck Event

Are You Looking For Hungry Nomad Truck At Your Food Truck Event?

Why should you visit Hungry Nomad truck at your food truck event?

There are various reasons for which you should definitely visit Hungry Nomad truck at your local food truck event. At the food truck event, you will run into a lot of food truck caterers serving their own meal. If you are someone who is looking for a different taste or you love Mediterranean dish, then what are you waiting for! Make sure you try out the various amazing dishes with Mediterranean touch to them that you will never forget that you can try at the food truck event. But, before you look for Hungry nomad at the food truck event, you will definitely take a glimpse of the amazing menu by Hungry nomad truck that you can try at food truck event.

What are some amazing dishes by hungry nomad truck?

  • Za’atar feta wrap: This amazing sandwich is made with a custom blend of Mediterranean thyme that is known as Za’atar. A dash of oil is also thinly spread on the layers of the soft baked dough. Some other ingredients which are added to this delicious sandwich are: tomato, fresh mint and also French feta cheese as well.
  • Zesty Chicken Wrap: This sandwich is made up of grilled chicken, cucumber, green pepper, creamy sauce, lemon and olive oil dressing with delicious hummus and then wrapped in wheat tortilla.
  • Chicken pesto sandwich: Seasoned chicken breast with sundried tomato with avocado pesto aioli and they are served in a warm roll and with provolone cheese that you will definitely love.
  • Nomad Chicken sandwich: Chicken breast, grilled onion, provolone cheese and also nomad’s roasted pepper aioli that will make you have more.

So, these are some of the delicious sandwiches served by hungry nomad and if you want, you can definitely try these delicious sandwiches at the food truck event.