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Blue Cheese Steak Sandwich

Hire A Food Truck For Your Wedding

Food truck weddings are increasingly popular and Hungry Nomad will be happy to discuss creating a bespoke package for your big day. No matter how big or small, there is a package for you to give you and your guests a day to remember.

If you ditch traditional catering and hire a food truck, you will be making a smart move.Go hire a food truck if you are a couples that want to reject traditional catering and take a chance on informal and relaxed dining that will look great in your wedding album.

Couples who love eating out together at food truck vendors should be able to eat the food that they love on their big day and when you hire a food truck it allows for many dishes to be eaten rather than a standard three course meal at a wedding breakfast.

Your wedding guests will be glad to taste food that has been inspired from different countries and cultures and they will have lots of fun making up their own tacos at out famous taco bar. All of our dishes are made from fresh ingredients and despite how amazing they look, they do not cost the earth so they are very affordable for young couples.

Hungry Nomad will make sure that we offer the best service possible on your wedding day and we will show you how right you were for opting to hire a food truck as opposed to boring beige sandwiches or grilled chicken! We offer many classic American dishes as well as exciting recipes from around the world, such as Fatoush salad and our famous Hungry Nomad hummus.

Wedding food does not have to boring when you hire a food truck, you can bring your celebrations to life with tasty food. Give Hungry Nomad a call today and we can talk about ways that we can add a bit of spice into your wedding day—we promise that you will love us.