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Hire Food Truck Catering For Your Birthday Party

As we head further into the new year there are plenty of us planning large events either for our own birthday or the birthday of friends and family. When it comes to planning your birthday party you need to be ahead of the game. Some of the best event venues in LA get booked up really quickly and you do not want to end up having to hold your party in a dingy club!

So, get talking to your friends and family about booking your venue then give Hungry Nomad a call if you want to hire the best food truck catering in the city. Street food catering is all the rage at the moment and there is no signs of the hipsters turning their back on it any time soon. We are slowly getting booked up for the year so try not to leave booking us until the last minute as you may lose out on great food truck catering at great prices.

With street food you can enjoy top-class food at a low price and you get to sample flavors from around the world. As an experienced food truck catering brand in Los Angeles, Hungry Nomad has a lot of experience catering for large events and we would love to serve our delicious menu to your and your work mates. You ca concentrate on sipping eggnog and kissing under the mistletoe and we can work away at preparing some of the best food LA has to offer.

To find out more about our event packages and menu options, get in touch with Hungry Nomad today to secure the best food truck catering in the industry. With plenty of value packages on offer there is something to suit all budgets and tastes.