October 27 2016 0Comment

Goodbye Caterers! Say Hello To Food Trucks Catering Weddings

Best Hack for Beating Stress

Weddings should be the culmination of romance and happily-ever-after—not a (dare I say?) deal breaker.  How many couples with the potential for life-long commitment throw it all out the window on account of stress and discord over what’s going to be served at the reception?How can such miniscule details take over the better part of the planning?  Well once less worry would involve conversing with a beloved chef of the favorite food truck. (Chances are he or she already asks, “Would it be the usual?” each time you order.)  Yes, the one you and your love visit every Friday at lunch.  Yes, it is possible—a food truck catering your wedding!

Pleasing all the People all the Time

Is Uncle Louis quite the picky eater?  Does Aunt Sue have a peanut allergy?  Are young children going to attend the reception?  All issues can be resolved by taking a trendier route of hiring a food truck staff to cater the reception.  You would not have to worry about not having enough (or even too much) to serve, and all guests can choose from a wider variety, not just from a measly two-item menu.  Plus, portion sizes coincide with the item that is ordered; so the guest who has the smaller appetite can choose accordingly instead of awkwardly ogling a dish that is bound to go to waste.

Sweet Savory Memories

Think back to your first date…the leisurely stroll in the park…the stop at what would become your favorite “place” to dine.  At your wedding reception, you can share those fond romantic memories with your family and friends.  Even better, what if he proposed at the very spot where the truck is parked in commemoration of your fateful first date?  Aaah!  Talk about a conversation piece at your nuptial celebration that guests will never forget.