Food Trucks Serve The Most Important Meal of the Day

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Adults need good nutrition in the a.m. to keep them alert through the morning, and kids need it to support their growing bodies and developing brains. Regularly skipping breakfast to save time or calories (or get a few extra minutes of sleep) will cost you in the long run.

Here are three important ways that breakfast helps you:

· Your Metabolism – Braking for breakfast awakens your metabolism and gets it working. Eating in the morning tells your brain to wake up and start digesting after a night’s long fast. When you skip breakfast, your body conserves energy because it isn’t storing up more through nutrition. This slows your metabolism and cuts the number of calories you’ll burn during the day.

· Your Mood – A simple breakfast will help maintain your spirits throughout the day and provide energy you need to accomplish daily tasks. Food in the morning regulates your blood sugar and helps you maintain a positive mood.

· Your Food Consumption – Skipping breakfast can play havoc with your diet. Without sustenance in the morning, you’re more likely to crave high-fat foods and extra calories at or before lunch. Repeating this scenario frequently can cause you to pack on unwanted pounds.

Every morning in busy cities around the nation, food truck operators are up before sunrise preparing to serve breakfast to time-crunched commuters and busy students. Breakfast may range from biscuits or tacos made with eggs, crisp bacon and cheese to toasty breads, waffles and pastries created from scratch. In addition, some trucks offer protein-enriched smoothies featuring fresh fruits and dairy products. All of these portable foods can be consumed on the go.

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