Food Truck Promos Are Wrap Stars

Most people think of food trucks as rolling restaurants that serve food to people on the street. But that’s only one thing they can do. Food trucks are being used as promotional tools to showcase new products and services for major brands.

Companies that have used food trucks to promote their products include everyone from Frito-Lay, which gave away chips in Times Square, to Rachel Ray, who created the “Woof Wagon” to pass out samples of her new gourmet dog food, Nutrish, to pets and their people.

Currently, Burger King has 30 food trucks on the road. Sizzler uses its bright red ZZ Truck to offer foods that differ from the ones served in-restaurant. Chick-fil-A has sold its products from a food truck in Washington, D.C. Walgreens introduced a 40-foot bus called the “Up Market: Fresh” experience and has visited major U.S. cities to pass out food, juice and smoothie samples to consumers. Coca-Cola, Nike and Target have also used food trucks for promotions.

Each of these promotions involved a food truck wrapped in a custom, vinyl graphic featuring the company’s logo.

Michael Mikhail, owner of three Southern California food trucks, regularly works with advertising agencies, production companies, product manufacturers and wholesalers to convert his vehicles into mobile billboards. Recently, he custom wrapped a truck to generate interest in Doomsday Preppers, the National Geographic TV series. In addition, Mikhail often distributes free samples as part of a new product launch.

A food truck promo can attract thousands of people, generate thousands of consumer impressions and distribute thousands of product samples in a single day.

“There are different ways of doing promotions,” Mikhail said. “You can wrap all or part of a food truck with graphics and logos. The cost of the wrap depends on the amount of service area covered, the custom design and the complexity of the installation.”

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