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Food Truck Catering For Special Events

The Hungry Nomad is the best food truck in LA; they are more than just your neighborhood food truck because they also cater.  When you get food truck catering with The Hungry Nomad, you get high-quality fresh ingredients, and they offer some of the best Californian and Mediterranean favorites on their menu including Fatoush Salad, Chicken Pesto Sandwich, Armenian Potato Salad, Fries, Hummus, and more.

California is a very warmstate, and most events are usually outside, which makes food trucks the easiest catering option. Food trucks can be placed anywhere and allow your guest to have hot and cold food all in the same place.  This opens up your venue options because then you don’t have to find a place that has a kitchen.  The convenience alone is a great reason you should choose food truck catering.

The Hungry Nomad food trucks can be used anywhere you want to have a party or event.  And they make it so simple to schedule an event because they have their calendar of events on the website, so you can see when they are available and can plan your event accordingly.  No other catering company gives their customers full access to their schedule like this.  This puts them high above other catering companies.

If you are still not convinced that The Hungry Nomad is for you, visit their website.  There you will be able to see their trucks, menu, and get all of their contact information so you can contact them and they can answer all of the questions you have about their service.  And unlike traditional catering, the cost per person at your event is cheaper, which means you can use that money for other areas of the event.  Food trucks offer a healthier and more cost efficient catering option for their customers.  They can save you valuable time and money, while not sacrificing taste.  The Hungry Nomad has food trucks available for all of your special events, and it is just a phone call away.  Don’t overpay for mediocre food, when you can get fresh, quality food for a reasonable price.