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Summer Picnic

Enjoy A Food Truck Summer Picnic With Family And Friends

You may think that food trucks trendy youngsters and hungry office workers, but they are huge in among all age groups at the moment and are a fun way to enjoy a food truck summer picnic

The Hungry Nomad Summer Picnic

If you want to know to hold a food truck summer picnic then The Hungry Nomad is here to help you. The chances are your mom will be picturing a rusty truck on a construction site serving up greasy burgers and she would be so wrong. Take a walk down any street in Los Angeles and you will find trucks of all shapes and sizes, like the striking The Hungry Nomad truck.

If you see a truck on your travels ask the proprietor how to cater food truck summer picnic. You will see everything from retro ice-cream carts to state-of-the-art caravans that look good enough to live in and, of course, you can rely on the best food with The Hungry Nomad.

How to Cater for A Food Truck Summer Picnic

How to hold a food truck summer picnic is a common question for those looking for something different during summer. If your food truck catering will be providing the main meal at your event, you do not have to restrict yourself; you can have a few different selections, such as salads, grilled cheese, and hummus with pitta.

Your food can be laid out if you like or guests of the food truck summer picnic can come up to the van when they are ready.

Fun in the sun

The great thing about LA is that the sun shines pretty much all year round. If you are celebrating during summer, a gelato stand or traditional lemonade stand could really win over your guests. A food truck summer picnic sounds amazing so you should give The Hungry Nomad a call today.