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Summer Event

Catering Ideas For Every Summer Event

The Hungry Nomad is the leading food truck catering service that caters such an exotic food palate. If you want to host a party that people will be talking about into the new year, hire the hungry Nomad. Impress your boss and your parents with this exotic and elite cuisine at a very convenient price.

The Hungry Nomad make a statement at any event, this summer is your summer to shine. The Hungry Nomad has a variety of Armenian cuisines that have been passed down through generations of the family. A recipe that’s been around for generations must be super good. You can trust that the Hungry Nomad will deliver no less than their best when catering to your event. The Hungry Nomad thrives on customer satisfaction.

Are you tired of the old-fashioned American cook outs? Well fear no more. Food truck catering services are just what you are looking for. The Hungry Nomad is the most exotic food truck catering service in the nation. Break the clichés and bring in the Hungry Nomad.

Offering several meals such as salads, sandwiches, wraps, chips, and pita bread. You and your guests can specialize your meal to satisfy every one of your taste buds. This cuisine is ideal for any type event such as; weddings, birthday parties, graduations, summer events, work parties, and many more.

The Hungry Nomad is the most affordable food truck catering service in the business. Charging less per serving compared to the other leading food truck catering services. they will even give the choice to just have the food brought to your event at a reduced price. Affordable and exotic? Sign me up!

The Hungry Nomad wants to show the world that the food truck catering business is evolving into formal dining on wheels. The hungry Nomad is breaking clichés with their elite cuisines. Fast, friendly, and knowledgeable crew ready to cater to you wherever you are.