Best Food Trucks In LA

One of the fastest growing trends in the Los Angeles area is the food truck industry. Affectionately referred to as “foodie culture”, the number of people that now frequent a LA food truck for their everyday meals has increased drastically. This is partly due to the fact that these food trucks offer a greater variety in cuisine choices and also because people are just expecting a higher quality of food as well. They are no longer settling for whatever happens to be available and the food trucks in LA are happy to provide these options to them.

So, as a result, the food truck industry has taken over in many areas. A food truck is now found on almost every street corner and there are actually food truck finders that will help you find your favorite food truck 24/7. These LA food trucks can also be found at all your favorite food festivals for your weekend enjoyment as well.

Some of the best food trucks in LA include the following:

• Kogi BBQ
• Grilled Cheese
• Grill’em All
• Buttermilk

However, there is a new LA Food Truck that has recently hit the scene and is definitely making some waves. The Hungry Nomadhas been in operation since October of 2010 and they are quickly becoming an all-time favorite food truck of many LA residents.

They don’t provide just the average menu either. They serve an exquisite array of California food with a hint of Mediterranean. So, whether you are just looking for a wonderful meal to enjoy during the day or you have an event that you need catered, this LA food truck is the best choice for you. They handle corporate events, weddings, photo shoots, festivals, parties of all sizes, and school functions as well.

Visit the Hungry Nomad today to get the best service and best food LA has to offer.