March 01 2016 0Comment

A Creative Catering Solution For Your Next Photo Or Film Shoot

If you are about to begin production on a photo shoot, or making a movie, television show, television commercial or a corporate video for your organisation, you will have many considerations.  From who to hire for crew members, to background set rental.  However, one of your most important considerations is catering.  Whatever the size of your budget or the number of crew members you have, you will want to provide a great working environment for everyone.   One of the best ways to do this is with great food!  But not just any food.  Boring old sandwiches and potato chips might fill a hole, but they aren’t going to impress anyone.

That’s why the Hungry Nomad Food Truck Catering is the ideal solution for on set catering.  Not only is it a creative catering idea, but they serve the most delicious homemade meals in town. Your crew will be impressed with your ability to provide delicious food for them in such a creative way.  They will feel appreciated for all their hard work, and will want to continue working hard to help you with your production. Also, word will get around town that you really look after your crew.

The Hungry Nomad is a well-established, thriving family business, with years of experience in the restaurant industry.  Their friendly staff will work with you and your budget to plan and organised the catering for your production.  They will deliver their deliciously fresh, home cooked meals to you and your crew on set. With all the other production costs involved with your photo or film shoot, the last thing you want to do is spend a fortune on catering.

The Hungry Nomad food truck catering is a much cheaper option than traditional catering, without compromising on quality and freshness of food.  Their food is healthy, home cooked and delicious and is sure to impress your crew.  Not only that, but having a food truck arrive on set is a pleasant interruption to what could be a long tedious day. Your crew will not only be well fed, but they will also be delighted with your creative choice of catering!