8 Great Reasons To Love Food Trucks

In recent years, Los Angeles and other U.S. cities have seen rapid growth in the food truck industry. Not only do these busy trucks serve workers on lunch breaks and urban dwellers in the evening, but they frequently cater parties, business events and even weddings. Here are some reasons that demanding diners love them.

  1. Top-quality food trucks are important players in the world of culinary achievement, creating innovative menu options that are frequently superior to typical fast-food fare.
  2. Food trucks bring tasty menu selections directly to city residents and office workers, as well as party and festival-goers.
  3. Food trucks save you from bringing a lunch of leftovers to work, and many of them offer better-for-you-foods at fast-food prices.
  4. Gourmet food trucks encourage competition among restaurants, catering businesses and other food service operators, which results in greater quality overall.
  5. Food trucks are small businesses, which enhance the nation’s economy by generating new job opportunities.
  6. Food trucks help liven up downtown and inner city neighborhoods, as well as city parks, festivals and sporting events.
  7. While a restaurant can only serve the number of diners it can seat, a food truck can serve an almost limitless number of customers at any location – indoors or out.
  8. Mobile food trucks are easy to find because their locations are promoted via social media.

The Hungry Nomad  is one of the top-rated food trucks serving the Los Angeles area. Thanks to a California menu with a hint of Mediterranean fare, The Hungry Nomad creates delicious food combinations, such as its blue cheese steak sandwich featuring sirloin steak with blue and Munster cheeses, fried potato and aioli in a warm French roll.

In addition to feeding famished office workers and city residents, The Hungry Nomad is available for movie production catering, employee appreciation events, fundraisers, cocktail parties, corporate meetings, grand openings and more.

The Hungry Nomad team will help you plan your event and provide you with a list of former clients they have successfully served. For complete details about The Hungry Nomad menu and the services available, phone 877-NOMAD-10.