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The Hungry Nomad is the best food truck in LA with an imaginative menu, healthy ingredients, Mediterranean seasonings and a fan-following that makes us proud. We launched our unique mobile bistro to meet the needs of busy Californians, who demand upscale entrees when they eat on the street. And now we’ve morphed into the best food truck in LA and one of the city’s most popular catering trucks, thanks to a wide range of menu options for parties, weddings, fundraisers, celebrations, charity galas, business meetings and even movie sets.

The Hungry Nomad is an LA food truck that is all about freshness and quality – from our delicious zaatar wrap to our crispy zaatar chips. In case you’re unfamiliar with zaatar, it’s a tasty Mediterranean mixture of herbs, such as sumac, oregano, thyme and sesame seeds. It’s great to cook with, and our customers crave it. We have robust bowls of hummus and chicken salads, plus chicken sandwiches and a blue cheese steak sandwich that has been described as “to die for.” We also serve delicious fattoush salad, a Middle Eastern delicacy consisting of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables that are topped with crunchy croutons made from toasted pita bread. Or choose our hearty Armenian potato salad, a welcome change from those similar salads that are made up of mostly mayo and mustard. (If you’ve never visited Armenia, it’s sits at the crossroads between Eastern Europe and Western Asia, and the people who live there have a long history of cooking great food out of simple, but fresh ingredients.) No matter what entrée you select, you’ll want to visit us again and again to try each of our delicious dishes. So come visit us and bring your friends. We can handle everyone’s dining needs, including vegetarians and dieters.

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    For a fabulous food truck wedding in Los Angeles, call on the experienced Hungry Nomad food truck catering crew.This team of foodservice professionals has a history of catering major events throughout Southern California.

  • Best Food Truck In LA

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    The most fabulous food truck catering in Los Angeles is only a phone call away. Whether you’re throwing a birthday party, planning a class reunion, thanking customers for their patronage or celebrating a joyful

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